Louis and Lorraine Erreguible

Louis and Lorraine Erreguible, Owners, Louis’ Basque Corner

Louis and Lorraine Erreguible opened Louis’ Basque Corner at 301 East 4th Street in 1967, and also ran the hotel upstairs. A native of the Basque Country, Louis moved to Reno in 1948. Lorraine, born in California, moved to Reno in the mid-1940s and worked for nine years at Alpine Glass. They met at a local restaurant and married in 1955. Louis’ Basque Corner quickly became a regional favorite, eventually gaining national recognition for its family-style Basque lunches and dinners. The Erreguibles sold the business and retired in 2011. Lorraine passed away in 2013. Photo by Patrick Cummings

Full Oral History Transcript

Interviewed in 2012, Lorraine Erreguible describes how she first became acquainted with Louis Erreguible in 1954, when they were both working in Reno. Recorded by Imanol Murua.


In a 2012 interview, Louis and Lorraine Erreguible describe the condition of the Hotel Richelieu building when they purchased it in 1967. Recorded by Imanol Murua.


Interviewed in 2012, Louis and Lorraine Erreguible explain why they believe their restaurant, Louis' Basque Corner, has been so successful through the years. Recorded by Imanol Murua.


In a 2012 interview, Lorraine and Louis Erreguible explain how to make their signature drink, the picon punch. Recorded by Imanol Murua.