Fred Schwamb

Fred Schwamb, Martin Iron Works

Born in Syracuse, New York in 1931, Fred Schwamb moved in 1936 to Reno, where his father, Martin Schwamb, founded Martin Iron Works in 1939. Fred worked with his father from boyhood, first at the shop’s original location on Morrill Avenue, just south of East Fourth Street, and then at its current location at 530 East Fourth Street. He later founded his own steel fabrication business just across the street from the original site of Martin Iron Works. Photo by Patrick Cummings

Full Oral History Transcript

In a 2014 interview, Fred Schwamb describes one of his earliest jobs in his father's shop, Martin Iron Works. Recorded by Alicia Barber.


Interviewed in 2014, Fred Schwamb explains some of the challenges faced by his father, Martin Schwamb, as a German native working in the United States during World War II. Recorded by Alicia Barber.