Lilli Moffit

Lilli Moffit, Owner, Reno Rails

Lilli Moffit was born in Germany and raised in Iowa. In the 1990s, she and her husband, Bill, moved to Reno, where he worked for Sierra Pacific (now Nevada Energy). In 1998, the Moffits bought and renovated a former Chinese restaurant at 1229 East 4th Street and opened Reno Rails, a model train store. Lilli continued to operate the business after her husband passed away in 2010. Photo by Patrick Cummings

Full Oral History Transcript

Lilli Moffit, who founded Reno Rails with her husband, Bill, discusses the effort it took to renovate their building before opening for business. Recorded by Bethany Underhill.


Lilli Moffit, owner of Reno Rails, counters common misperceptions of East 4th Street, explaining that unique businesses will be sought out by customers, no matter their location. Recorded by Bethany Underhill.