Krista Lee

Krista Lee, City of Reno Homeless Coordinator

Krista Lee earned a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Kansas before moving to Reno to become the city’s first Homeless Coordinator, Housing Resource Specialist. She describes her work for the City of Reno as well as the layout and operations of the Community Assistance Center, which was constructed on Record Street, just south of East Fourth Street, in 2007. Photo by Patrick Cummings

Full Oral History Transcript

Interviewed in 2011, Krista Lee, then the City of Reno's Homeless Coordinator, recalls a situation that developed after the closure of the Community Assistance Center's first "Tent City" in 2008, after the Men's Shelter had opened. Recorded by Alicia Barber.


Interviewed in 2011, City of Reno Homeless Coordinator Krista Lee describes the men's, women's, and family shelters contained within the city's Community Assistance Center, which opened in phases beginning in 2007. Recorded by Alicia Barber.


City of Reno Homeless Coordinator Krista Lee explains the hardships faced by those living in the motels of Reno and Sparks, many of whom are technically considered homeless. Recorded by Alicia Barber.