Hugh Russolo

Hugh Russolo, Coney Island Bar

Hugh Rossolo was born in Elko and moved to Reno in 1958. In the mid-1920s, his grandparents, Ralph and Marie Galletti, ran a small tamale factory in the Coney Island neighborhood located between Reno and Sparks. Eventually, it became the Coney Island Bar, still operated by the Galletti family. Rossolo, who became a teacher, shares family memories of the popular establishment and how the restaurant and its surroundings have changed through the years.

Full Oral History Transcript

Interviewed in 2013, Hugh Rossolo describes the path taken by his grandfather, Ralph Galletti, from his native Italy to San Francisco and then to Sparks, Nevada, where he founded the business that later became the Coney Island Bar. Recorded by Alicia Barber.


Hugh Rossolo describes how his uncle John Galletti and aunt Nettie Galletti split the duties at the family business, the Coney Island Bar, when he was growing up. Recorded by Alicia Barber.