Cari Lockett

Cari Lockett, Regional contact, Burning Man

Born in Reno in 1960, Cari Lockett became a regional contact for Burning Man in 2007. She talks about the range of Burning Man-related activities that occur in Reno throughout the year, including Decompression, traditionally held on East 4th Street each October. Lockett shares her thoughts about Reno’s status as a gateway to the playa and the city’s potential to become a year-round destination for those interested in Burning Man and its ten principles. Photo by Patrick Cummings

Full Oral History Transcript

Reno native and Burning Man regional contact Cari Lockett describes the annual Burning Man Decompression event, held for many years on Reno's East 4th Street. Recorded by Will von Tagen.


Cari Lockett describes the construction of the Burning Man Temple of Transition in 2011, occurring for the first time ever in Reno.  The construction site was the historic Reno Brewing Company Bottling Plant building on East 4th Street, owned by Spencer Hobson. Recorded by Will von Tagen.